Project Pollo

Project Pollo Cornerstone Ventures
A small chain of specialty, quick-service food providers in Saudi Arabia with a unique concept to target the health-conscious consumer segment.

The founder was approached with an offer by third-party investors to fund its growth plans. The founder approached Cornerstone to assist in identifying his company’s fair value.


The client required a detailed assessment of its current operations as well as estimating the funding requirement to fuel its ambitious growth plans.


Full cost assessment of initial outlay costs was determined through detailed cost breakdown analysis of previous operating outlets. Process mapping of operations to estimate ramp-up required at Head Office level and retail outlets staff to maintain quality of operations. Review of sourcing strategy to realize any benefits from the projected scale-up in operations.


Cornerstone and the founder have developed a detailed seven-year growth strategy and business plan resulting in valuation higher than the investor’s offer. Equipped with a detailed, fact-driven business plan, the founder was able to secure the investors at a higher valuation for his company and close the deal.

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